Hendon Sheet Metal, part of the Fitzpatrick’s (UK) group of companies.

12 October 20

Hendon Sheet Metal (HSM) is a company manufacturing metal structures and parts of structures. The company was incorporated in July 2020 and its activities were originally part of FitzPatrick UK Ltd.

Hendon Sheet Metal (HSM) carries the will of its founders to create a reputable center of excellence in the parts and prototypes manufacturing industry.

To achieve this goal, HSM has invested in the latest technologies including CNC laser cutter machines, Folding machines etc.  Most importantly HSM has recruited talented professionals cumulating several years of experience in the industry.

The parts manufacturing sector is changing at a rapid pace and the industry is in the era of using laser cutting, 3D printing & designing and artificial intelligence technologies. In light of this, HSM has the eagerness to be ready for the exceptional and yet exciting technological revolution happening which some have called the 4th industrial revolution.

Hence, HSM has designed smooth operations procedures combining efficiency in handling the overall order and manufacturing processes to provide customers the following offer:

  • To provide quicker responses to quote requests;
  • To respect customers’ requirements and advise accordingly on design and planning;
  • To reduce the delivery time;
  • To deliver beyond expectations ; and
  • To offer the best price/quality ratio.

Beyond the research of profit, HSM’s vision includes values such as friendship, freedom, accountability, respect, teamwork which enable HSM to achieve its ambition to get the best reputation nationally and internationally. Besides, HSM believes in people working tirelessly to meet customers’ requirements. These people are more than employees they represent the most important asset HSM possesses. Thus, HSM relies on them to remain creative, open-minded to changes and proactive.