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Unbelievable!. Fitzpatrick’s buys the first flatbed laser cutter of it’s kind in the UK. Nearly as fast as existing technology, the 4KW XF Laser by Mitsubishi is looking like a game-changer in the laser cutting industry. We have spent over 250k on laser-cut parts every year for the last 5 years. It has been a strategy that has served us well. When quoting work we would “add our bit on” to the laser price and do what we do best which is the fabrication. In the early days of laser cutting, we were making good money on existing parts because it saved us so much time. That margin has diminished each year as laser-cutting has become the “norm”. Furthermore, over the last 5 years, I have also watched the big brand laser manufacturers have an arms race on speed, energy consumption, accuracy and while these have been impressive they have been incremental. I like to buy kit that gives us the edge so I was waiting for a more disruptive change. When Simpson Technology first mentioned the Mitsubishi I thought it would not be able to compete with the big brands but I did a lot of research. I found out that Mitsubishi is a world leader in machine tool manufacturing and that they have been involved in making lasers for decades, one of their main markets being the USA. I went on many forums in the USA and the most common word used to describe the Mitsubishi laser was reliable. The new fibre technology represents the leap in technology I was looking for to give me a competitive edge. The rest of my concerns were answered by Simpson Technology because they know the product like the back of their hand but not only that, Simpson Technology also understood the laser process and the little important things that other suppliers couldn’t explain. Good products sold by honest people is always a winning combination in our experience.
BRIEF DESCRIPTION: 3050 x 1525mm maximum workpiece size, 4000W Mitsubishi fiber laser source, Mitsubishi LC30BX CNC system, work lifter, automatic pallet changer, magnetic damage reduction function Mitsubishi High Speed Flying Optics Fiber Laser, model ML-3015eX F40. – Cutting capacities: 19mm mild steel 20mm stainless, 20mm aluminium, 6mm copper, 12mm brass – 3050 x 1525mm maximum workpiece size – 950mm maximum workpiece weight – 880mm workpiece support height – 3100 x 1565 x 150mm stroke (X x Y x Z) – 140m/min maximum combined rapid feed rate XY-axis – 4000W Mitsubishi fiber laser source – Automatic focus preset processing head – 5 inch and 8 inch lens cartridges – Automatic pallet changer – High pressure gas control un – Bar Code Reader – Eco Mode(running costs down by 90%) – Network connection unit – UPS – Mitsubishi LC30BX CNC system with barcode reader – Cooling unit – Work lifter – Magnetic damage reduction function – Safety window – Dust extractor Some of the key features of the SR-F Series Fiber Lasers from Mitsubishi include: – Diamond path advanced beam delivery system. Superior edge quality and processing consistency over the entire work area. – PC based, 64-bit NC control with a user friendly touch-screen interface and full network capability – Ultra rigid, single platform Dianite cast machine frame. Provides the ultimate stability that ensures high-speed processing accuracy.
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